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Creative Company



Taking action to inspire a community of creatives.

In a world of cookie cutter homes and cubicle workers we believe that it is very important to show the generations to come that making your passion is a viable job. If our work sparks the mind of another creative to take that leap of faith into creating something then we’ve done our job. The idea is that creatives build up and inspire creatives when they actually go out and pursue their dreams.

Who are we?

We are a Creative Company infested with doers. This company was made to create stuff.

The Journey of an artist

The journey of making your art or craft into a full time job isn’t easy. It comes with many bumps on a lonely road that are commonly disguised and glamorized by the word entrepreneurship. Most people only see the line of successes when in reality the lessons are within the failures because they are the key ingredient to understanding and appreciating the overall journey. Woodie and his team have an internal goal to remove the negative connotation around the word failure through video and audio. The best way to find out that failure isn’t that bad of a thing is to actually go try things.

Whats the next step?

The next step for this company is always changing and growing as the days fly by. Recently Woodie has been asking the question, if my “job” is to inspire a community of creatives then I must have resources for them to utilize and I must be practicing what I preach. With that being said, we’re building a whole grip load of resourceful posts, videos, podcasts, etc. Basically, if you want to make your creative passion your full time job then come down to our site and grab what you need to build what you have. Woodie Landeros wouldn’t be doing what he is doing if it wasn’t for names like Chris Do, Casey Neistat, and Gary Vaynerchuk. These individuals show Woodie that giving back is more important than anything. Woodie hopes to do the same for another individual.

Meet Woodie Landeros

Woodie Landeros is a 24 year old male artist based out of Southern California. He prides himself for his constant love and appreciation towards art and the skill to problem solve. Woodie is a dancer, vlogger, podcaster, filmmaker, graphic designer, photographer, and business owner. Woodie Landeros started a creative company that currently produces visual and audio content. He recently opened the flood gates and started offering services to companies. Woodie has a vision of building jobs for creatives so that they can do what they love for more than part time. Bellow we share more in depth about who Woodie Landeros is and what the next step for the creative company is.

I am a podcaster

I am a vlogger

I am a dancer